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Starting a Business in Finland

Process of becoming an entrepreneur starts from the idea. The idea polarizes and expands in your mind and hands to a market-based business plan, and turns to real actions of customer acquisition. The task is challenging, but possible, and you don’t have to figure it all out on your own.

The purpose of the Enterprise Agency is to help people who plan starting their own business to obtain all the necessary information and adopt the approach needed to develop the thought into an operational business idea. Get in touch and investigate your options! You can benefit from the initial guidance counselling free of charge.

Enterprise Agency also connects you with a wide network of experts in different fields, in addition to our entrepreneurship advisors. Together we strive to create as good operational preconditions as possible for your company, and to create permanent jobs.

The best way to begin is to send your idea to Enterprise Agency here:
Business advisor will send you a feedback by email during the following workday.

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